The Black Ops class, particularly the Widow, have come to fill my Eve life. Every skill, every module, every drone I work with these days is filtered through that lens. How does this skill or mod affect my Widow fit?
So, then; why is my Widow fit the way it is?
Ships fulfill two overall ‘roles’; their Strategic role, the effect they have on an opponents’ overall thinking; and their Tactical role, what it does on the battlefield. For example, a Carrier or Supercarrier has the tactical role of ‘drone platform’, transporting and commanding a diverse array of little robotic minions to the battlefield. Their strategic role, on the other hand, is what’s referred to as a ‘Fleet in Being’. As Kirith so ably discussed here, just the threat of a capital hotdrop can affect planning and psychology.

Strategically, the Widow fills the same role as a Titan; obviously in a more limited format. The Covert Jump Portal Generator, its signature module, permits power projection into hostile territory. With a Black Ops bridge possible, no ship can “safely” mine or rat, even in Cynojammed systems.

Tactically, Black Ops can fill a number of different roles. All carry battleship-class weaponry, with significantly larger payloads than their little brother, the Stealth Bomber. Of all the stealth ships, the Black Ops have the most ability in a stand-up slugging match, if such should prove a necessity. The bonuses of the Amarr Redeemer are particularly suited to this role, but the Gallente Sin’s expanded dronebay also helps.
The Widow’s bonuses and weapons suit it to a diversity of roles. The Caldari Battleship skill bonus is pretty standard, a bonus to missile range and rate of fire. The Widow is the only Black Ops battleship with launcher hardpoints, and despite the Cruise Launcher certifications being reccomended for it, I have chosen to fit Torpedoes instead. Three factors influenced this decision:
1) The Widow’s Black Ops skill bonus towards ECM is for strength alone, rather than strength and range. While powerful, it needs to be close in to be effective, making the extended range of Cruise missiles irrelevant.
2) Torpedo launchers are also used by Stealth Bombers, simplifying logistics through ammunition commonality and providing a source of in-space resupply for the traditionally ammo-short frigates.
3) “There’s no kill like overkill”. Anything that a Black Ops needs to shoot at (Heavy Interdictors, Mobile Warp Disruptors, or Cyno System Jammers) is a time-critical target.

Include the mandatory Cloaking Device and Covert Jump Portal Generator, and that fills out the high slots. On to the mids!

The Widow is the most powerful ECM platform in the game; only its prohibitive cost, skill requirements, and lack of a Covert Ops cloak make it less hated than the Falcon. What it lacks in range, it more than makes up in Jamming Strength. Again refering to the writings of the great sage Kirith, Racial ECM modules are almost always superior to Multispectrum jamming. With moderate skills, the combined effective ECM strength of four racial Meta4 modules, backed by 2 Particle Dispersion Augmentors (filling the Rig slots and Rig Calibration) approaches 24 across all four racial types; sufficent to deal with any one Battleship or two Cruiser-sized targets with a fair degree of success. Meta4 modules are prefered over their Tech 2 counterparts for their lower capacitor cost.
Covert Operations craft exploit surprise to make up for their other shortcommings. While Black Ops Battleships do not suffer the sensor recalibration time associated with cloaking devices, they still take the same hit to Sensor Resolution. Coupled with the poor scan res of battleships to begin with, a Sensor Booster running a Scan Resolution script is almost mandatory; and I prefer to run a dual booster setup.

My original choice for the last two mid slots drew some flack. During my latter Manticore days, I began carrying a Small Mobile Warp Disruptor in place of one of the Bombs in my cargo bay. With more cargo room to play with aboard a Widow, I included two in my standard supplies. The concept is to place a bubble in deep space along a line between two stargates; and cloak nearby. When a ship trips over the bubble, the stealth pilot can decide to engage or not. To keep the prey from simply afterburning clear of the bubble, I’ve chosen to fit my Widow with a Stasis Webifier and a Warp Scrambler. The choice to fit these modules doesn’t impact my Strategic Role or the tactical role of ‘slugger’, while is inline with the tactical roles of covert gang electronic warfare support and ambush hunter.
Since then, however, the Widow’s ECM bonus has been extended to ECM Burst Modules. Have I mentioned I’m a coward? A meta-4 ECM burst and a T2 Afterburner now hold the last two midslots.

Four low slots remain, and two warring priorities exist. Do I fit to my bonuses and roles, or fit a tank?
To be clear: I’m an idiot, as well as a coward and a paranoid.
Anything that can trap me where simple ‘jam and run’ won’t suffice for survival is going to be able to break any four-slot tank. As a Black Ops, I’ll be operating primarily in space where angels, or at least logistics, fear to tread. If I’m caught, death can be considered inevitable.
Instead, I chose to fill the lows by fitting to my bonuses, dual Ballistic Control Systems to augment torpedo damage and rate of fire; and dual Signal Distortion Amplifiers for that little extra kick of ECM strength.

Am I trying to do too much at once? Too unfocused and generalist? Probably, but it does make me relatively independent of needing to refit every time I want to do something different.