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Not dead yet

Just resting. Wonderful plumage, the Norwegian Blue has. 🙂
Joking aside; I’ve just been grinding out some long skills and taking a little bit of a rest. Starting next month though, it’s back to the active job hunting; this time with marketable skills!


You bought a what? (redux)

It wasn’t a particularly exciting volume of space.  Some hydrogen, some cosmic microwave background, a lone neutrino going about its business.   The local stellar body was sufficiently distant to seem an overly-bright star; no planetary masses disturbed the spacetime curvature.   It was, in fact, as close to the middle of nowhere as it was possible to be inside the confines of a star system.  And in a brief ripple of collapsing cloak-field, it had an occupant.

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I’m not going to comment on the latest Threadnaught to undock over in the Eve Forums; or on CCP’s monumental stupidity.

But a thought has come to mind in regards to an integrated system aboard the ship from which I derive my Nom de Blog.

What do you call it when something is almost, but not entirely, unlike what you call it?

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Room for rent

The Concord registry clerk shuffled the last stack of papers from the previous applicant into a folder and looked to the lineup. “Next?” An eyebrow raised slightly as a slender woman jumped the queue; but as she turned to sidle past an obese tramp hauler captain, a glint of metal from the base of the skull just below the bleached-white mowhawk. A small camera-remote bobbled along behind the capsuleer, undoubtedly feeding into the pod-pilot’s implants wirelessly, as she had her eyes casually closed.
“Ahhm, yes; how can I help you, Captain…?”
“Cerebus.” Fingers fumbled a moment with the tab on a vest pocket before withdrawing a sheaf of clumsily-folded papers. “Vessel registry; private ownership. Rhea-class Jump Freighter.”
“Certainly; certainly. Let’s just see here…” The printing was clumsily scrawled, where it’d been filled in at all. “Hmm, seem to be a few boxes overlooked… System of origin?”
“Ahhh. I see. And your corporate affiliation?”
That brought the clerk up short. His job may have been as anachronistic as chemical rocketry, but he was still a Concord official. “Independent? And you’re registering a Jump Freighter? Ma’am, those aren’t exactly inexpensive little runabouts. Can I ask the source of your funds?”
“Now see here…” He immediately regretted his choice of words as milky white eyes snapped open, blindly staring.
“Write it down, file it; don’t ask any questions, clerk. I’m going from here directly to Epsilon Dock Control to supervise some final loading. When that’s complete, I will be spooling up the jump engines for an immediate departure. File your paperwork, clerk; or I’ll do it from inside the station. And no, you don’t get to know my cargo or my destination, either.” Continue reading