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Eve Online: Retribution patch trailer

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A whole fleet of Threadnaughts have undocked and entered Siege Mode.  Thousands of players have locked down the secondary trade hubs of Amarr, Rens and Dodixie; while in Jita even more protesters burn CCP Zulu in effigy.

To the players of Eve Online: Grow up.

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Station Spinning

*checks Eve Blogs for the day*
Rixx Javix: Warning Signs
*looks at unfinished post just station-spinning on desktop as .rtf file*
…ok, ok, I’ll get back to it.

Update: Rixx added me to his (admittedly extensive) blog roll. Guess I really don’t have a choice now. 🙂


Today, the guns are silent. Or at least as quiet as it ever gets in New Eden. With the release of the new Carbon character creator, the regular Eve Online shenanigans were briefly set aside in favor of generating new, frequently hilarious character portraits. As more and more members of the Gentlemens’ Agreement finalized their new avatars, a few insights emerged.
More people are roleplayers than they care to admit.
Even if they don’t talk ‘in character’ over comms, a lot of players on our Mumble, at least, were concerned with getting the right ‘look’ for their character. In a game where everyone is represented by a few dozen otherwise indistinguishable ship models, the Character Portrait is where we express our individuality (or love of Conan O’Brian). Players were upset that they could no longer hood their Amarr. Sunglasses were being discussed. Portraits replaced silhouettes as drugged out hippies, distinguished captains, and more emerged from the Carbon process.
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