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Eve Online: Retribution patch trailer

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A whole fleet of Threadnaughts have undocked and entered Siege Mode.  Thousands of players have locked down the secondary trade hubs of Amarr, Rens and Dodixie; while in Jita even more protesters burn CCP Zulu in effigy.

To the players of Eve Online: Grow up.

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On cowardice

“I’ll kill a man in a fair fight; or if I think he’s gonna start one.” – Jayne Cobb, Serenity.

I’ve said it before, I’ll probably end up saying it a million more times: Fighting fair is not fighting to win; and that’s the same as not fighting at all.  You’re just going through the motions.

My favorite frigate?  Amarr Sentinel-class Electronic Warfare Frigate.  Neuts, Tracking disruptors, a flight of 4 EC-300 light jammer drones, and it can still fit a point and propulsion.  Second place is a split between the Manticore stealth bomber and the Kitsune EWar Frigate (both Caldari).

Favorite Cruiser?  Falcon.

Favorite ship overall?  Well duh.

What these ships all have in common is that they do not fight ‘fair’.  They don’t say “All right, we’ll both fly in circles taking turns to hit each other until one of us goes pop”.  That’s not combat, that’s not even wrestling.  That’s dancing.

Yes, I’m a coward.  Fully admit that.  I realize that unlike lesser MMOs, PvP  in Eve has consequences.  Loosing, frankly, sucks.  So I go right ahead and take every advantage I can get.  Cloaking, E-war, hot-dropping, dual boxing. (Dual-boxing cloaking e-war even)  Will I hide from a single opponent?  Certainly; I have every reason to assume he’s got reinforcements avaliable, just as I do.

I wouldn’t give anything less than my best possible effort to destroy an enemy through any means necessary; and I expect the same in return.  Not out of respect for my target; but out of respect for myself.  A half-assed job reflects poorly on me; just as e-honor whining reflects poorly on others.  Give me your best shot, because you’re getting nothing less than mine.

There’s always something missing, it seems.  You never get to where you’re going without thinking “Crap, I forgot…”  And while being a specialist is all well and good, and the Widow will always be my favorite ship; I recognize that it’s not always the perfect ship for any situation.

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You bought a what?

Ahh, the unending addiction that is Internet Spaceships. After a little chat with Rixx in the Eve Bloggers channel I’ve decided to follow his advice and pad my post count a little with an explanation as to why I dropped slightly over two hundred dollars through the PLEX market to get myself a ship that I, frankly, loathe.
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Station Spinning

*checks Eve Blogs for the day*
Rixx Javix: Warning Signs
*looks at unfinished post just station-spinning on desktop as .rtf file*
…ok, ok, I’ll get back to it.

Update: Rixx added me to his (admittedly extensive) blog roll. Guess I really don’t have a choice now. 🙂


Today, the guns are silent. Or at least as quiet as it ever gets in New Eden. With the release of the new Carbon character creator, the regular Eve Online shenanigans were briefly set aside in favor of generating new, frequently hilarious character portraits. As more and more members of the Gentlemens’ Agreement finalized their new avatars, a few insights emerged.
More people are roleplayers than they care to admit.
Even if they don’t talk ‘in character’ over comms, a lot of players on our Mumble, at least, were concerned with getting the right ‘look’ for their character. In a game where everyone is represented by a few dozen otherwise indistinguishable ship models, the Character Portrait is where we express our individuality (or love of Conan O’Brian). Players were upset that they could no longer hood their Amarr. Sunglasses were being discussed. Portraits replaced silhouettes as drugged out hippies, distinguished captains, and more emerged from the Carbon process.
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Schedual Slip

What can I say? Working retail this time of year sucks.

Fighting fair

On the heels of my last post, complete with a quote cribbed from Serenity; comes this gem from Rixx Javix of Evoganda

So you ECM pilots won’t see a dime, same goes for anyone that does zero damage. This is my way to try and discourage the use of those ships, I’d like a clean fair fight if possible.

Now this is his contest, he can set whatever rules he wishes to, and anyone who doesn’t wish to abide by those rules is free to ignore it, as I intend to. (Or they could deliberately interfere with the event to make it impossible to complete. This is, after all, Eve we’re talking about)
No, what’s got my keyboard ablaze is the last line. A ‘fair fight’. The implication being that ECM-packing ships are not fair. I won’t say that’s wrong; beating up a blind person isn’t fair. Beating up on a person who’s chosen to let you put the blindfold on them? Ahh, now that’s different.
Eve has countermeasures for target jamming; from the brilliantly obvious Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) and less blatant Sensor Backup Arrays; to more subtle approaches, like not flying Minmatar. Caldari and Gallente ships have higher sensor strengths than duct-taped rustbuckets. Part of the million-attribute balancing act between the four races is that Minmatar ships have an impressive alphastrike capability and speed, but lack in sensor strength. Like the fighter who permits his opponent to blindfold them, by not preparing yourself against ECM, you’re asking to be blinded.
Yes, it’s impossible to fit a ship for every eventuality; but that’s just life. I’d love to have a Widow that could fit a full suite of ECM and still have room for a massive shield tank; but compromises have to be made. You pay your money and you take your chances.
“Fair” fights in Eve are the combat equivalent of professional wrestling. It might look like two guys going all out to club each other to death with their bare hands, it might even be entertaining, but it’s not combat. It’s full-contact choreographed dance.

Step into my parlor

Mind the dust, we’re still moving in.

So then, welcome to The Widow’s Web, an in-character focused blog centered around the misadventures, stupid mistakes, and probable repeated crushing defeats of an Eve Online player with just enough experience to be dangerous… to herself.

So, what’s this all about then?

Eve Online is an MMORPG with loose morals, gleefully hands-off developers, and a playerbase composed entirely of obsessive-compulsive spreadsheet-fixated sci-fi geeks.  If you found this little corner of the intertubes, you doubtlessly have strong enough search-fu to find out more on your own.

Who am I?

I play under the name Kiva Cerebus, a Caldari black-ops Battleship pilot.  I love the Scorpion hull design, I love the Widow colorscheme, and I’m something of a coward; so it seemed the perfect choice.

What can you expect from this blog?

I’m conceited enough to think that my (mis)adventures in New Eden are interesting enough to be worth publishing; and enough of a nerd to think that doing so in the form of an in-character, firstperson accounting is an interesting enough format.  Though with my track record, expect a lot of “…And then I died.”

So there it is, one noob, one staggeringly expensive ship, and a whole hostile galaxy to explode in.  Let the carnage begin.