Eve Online: Retribution patch trailer

This is Vic.  Vic makes a lot of mistakes.  Vic pilots a Widow. 

Vic uses his Black Ops Battleship missile systems to engage mining frigates, completely ignoring signature radius issues; and apparently doesn’t believe in drones.

Vic undocks, clears the stations’ cloak denial radius without use of either his cloaking device or warping out.  Vic still doesn’t use drones, even discardable ECM drones.  Speaking of ECM…

Vic gets caught because his cyno alt jumps him into an ambush by uncloaked stealth bombers (amidst other ships).  Seriously Vic?  You’re not using your neutral cyno alt to scout for you?  And, apparently, still not cloaking your Black Ops ship?

I’m not going to claim to be the game’s greatest pilot; or even decent at anything.  But really, Vic; you’re doing it wrong and even an amateur like me can spot it.