A whole fleet of Threadnaughts have undocked and entered Siege Mode.  Thousands of players have locked down the secondary trade hubs of Amarr, Rens and Dodixie; while in Jita even more protesters burn CCP Zulu in effigy.

To the players of Eve Online: Grow up.

You’re behaving like the worst sort of spoiled children.  Screaming and throwing a tantrum if everything doesn’t go exactly your way.  Even hints of ‘Pay to win’ have people purportedly canceling subscriptions left and right, blockading systems, and generally running around being brats.

You want effective communication between CCP and the playerbase?  Shut up and listen.  Communication not only requires someone speaking, but an audience listening.  I’ll conceed that CCP hasn’t been speaking clearly either; and throwing Zulu under the metaphorical bus just before they shut everything down for the weekend was pretty stupid.  But a couple more days won’t kill anyone.

It may be just my opinion; but this is also my blog, so: Everyone needs to calm down and grow up a little.  Wait until you have clear information before making your decisions.   If CCP decides to implement a ‘Pay to Win’ scheme, on the day this is clearly announced by CCP; then I will turn out the lights in my hangar and see what else awaits.  Until then, I’ll listen.