“You bought a what?”  Kyreana’s voice penetrated the jammed-shut hatch of my station quarters far better than the plasma lance of the maintenance crew trying to cut the malfunctioning door.  I winced and pinged her comm implant.

“You heard me.  You know how I am with ISK and shiny things.  And it’s not like it was something expensive like a monocle.”

“What do you need it for?  Can you even fly it?”

“Well, since Station Services seems to be taking their jolly sweet time getting this door open, I figure I’d have time for the training regime.  It’s not like we’ve been doing much beyond reading the news and occasionally gnawing on rocks.  Besides, it’s like the Rhea; a long-term resume building investment.”

“You never fly the Rhea though.”

I paused and thought about it for a long moment.  My erstwhile Matari companion was certainly right in that regard.  I’d bought the Rhea for pretty much exactly the same reason: a resume-building piece of shiny hangar ornament.  My true love would always be the Widow; but it was too situationally useful.  “Tell you what hon; with Nullsec getting a tad more stabilized following the NC Implosion, I think it’s time we went back to looking for serious work.”


So, yeah; I kinda went and impulse-bought a Chimera-class carrier that I can’t even sit in for another 45 days.  But it’s soooo shiny.  And it gives me a concrete goal to train towards.

Anyone in the market for a hapless combat-inexperianced carrier pilot with more money than sense or impulse control?