“I’ll kill a man in a fair fight; or if I think he’s gonna start one.” – Jayne Cobb, Serenity.

I’ve said it before, I’ll probably end up saying it a million more times: Fighting fair is not fighting to win; and that’s the same as not fighting at all.  You’re just going through the motions.

My favorite frigate?  Amarr Sentinel-class Electronic Warfare Frigate.  Neuts, Tracking disruptors, a flight of 4 EC-300 light jammer drones, and it can still fit a point and propulsion.  Second place is a split between the Manticore stealth bomber and the Kitsune EWar Frigate (both Caldari).

Favorite Cruiser?  Falcon.

Favorite ship overall?  Well duh.

What these ships all have in common is that they do not fight ‘fair’.  They don’t say “All right, we’ll both fly in circles taking turns to hit each other until one of us goes pop”.  That’s not combat, that’s not even wrestling.  That’s dancing.

Yes, I’m a coward.  Fully admit that.  I realize that unlike lesser MMOs, PvP  in Eve has consequences.  Loosing, frankly, sucks.  So I go right ahead and take every advantage I can get.  Cloaking, E-war, hot-dropping, dual boxing. (Dual-boxing cloaking e-war even)  Will I hide from a single opponent?  Certainly; I have every reason to assume he’s got reinforcements avaliable, just as I do.

I wouldn’t give anything less than my best possible effort to destroy an enemy through any means necessary; and I expect the same in return.  Not out of respect for my target; but out of respect for myself.  A half-assed job reflects poorly on me; just as e-honor whining reflects poorly on others.  Give me your best shot, because you’re getting nothing less than mine.