I’m not going to comment on the latest Threadnaught to undock over in the Eve Forums; or on CCP’s monumental stupidity.

But a thought has come to mind in regards to an integrated system aboard the ship from which I derive my Nom de Blog.

What do you call it when something is almost, but not entirely, unlike what you call it?

I’m speaking of course about the Widow (and by extension all Black Ops) Jump Drive.  While it does perform the exact same service as a Jump Drive does on a capital ship; it does so with so many exceptions and caveats…  It’s exactly like a Jump Drive except: It can lock on to Covert Cyno Beacons, doesn’t inhibit a ship from traveling the Stargate (or I suppose now Jump Bridge) network, has a signifigantly shorter range than a capital jump drive, and requires higher skills.  It is, in many ways, a distinct system.

Am I setting up a soap box to push for the introduction of a Covert Jump  Calibration skill?  Maybe.  It’d be nice if we could get our ships designed to wreak havoc behind enemy lines behind enemy lines to wreak havoc.  Require JDC 5 and Astrometrics (not just Navigation), increase jump range by 25% of base range per level (so at JDC5/CJC 1 a Black Ops reaches 5 LY, out to 9 at CJC 5).  We still aren’t punching out to Carrier ranges, and the limited fuel bay would become an issue; but then you can always bridge a Blockade Runner in ahead as a tanker if you intend to jump the Black Ops in as an exit portal.

Basically, if it’s a T2 system, give us (like T2 ships, drones, and advanced weapon upgrades) an additional skill layer to enhance it.