There’s always something missing, it seems.  You never get to where you’re going without thinking “Crap, I forgot…”  And while being a specialist is all well and good, and the Widow will always be my favorite ship; I recognize that it’s not always the perfect ship for any situation.

Time for some cross-trainingI’m already capable of flying all T1 Caldari and Gallente Subcapitals by dint of wanting to fly the Rattlesnake.  In a little fit of insanity, I’m trained for all T2 Frigates for Caldari and Amarr.  My armor tanking skills suck, however; so I’m going to be focusing on the Caldari.

Being a jam-happy cloaker freak; my first stop was naturally the Falcon: an uglier ship has never been vomited forth into space, and the only reason it keeps flying is because the station doesn’t want it back.  Thankfully it spends most of its time invisible.

My aesthetic loyalty is forever pledged to Kaalakitoa (more on that later this week with luck), and there’s always call for something small, fast, and tackle-y.  While I’ve got a Crow and love it, it still just doesn’t quite scream “screw over whole groups” quite the way the Flycatcher does; so that’s next on the list.

With a Dictor on the way and cruisers 5 recently completed, I figured I’d take a peek at a HIC, and sure enough, there’s the black-and-red of KK’s designs adorning the hull of the Onyx.  Another one for the list.

I’d be remiss if I skipped over my namesake, the Cerberus, so HACs follow HICs on my t0-do list.

Logistics doesn’t particularly tweak my interest, nor do Marauders; but the Nighthawk is another KK design, and I’ve already some moderate squadron command skills, so it wouldn’t be that far afield.

After that?  Who knows… maybe Gallente, maybe Amarr.  We’ll see what the future brings.