Ahh, the unending addiction that is Internet Spaceships. After a little chat with Rixx in the Eve Bloggers channel I’ve decided to follow his advice and pad my post count a little with an explanation as to why I dropped slightly over two hundred dollars through the PLEX market to get myself a ship that I, frankly, loathe.
I bought a Rhea-class Jump Freighter.
Now, I’ve got no problems dropping real-world money on Internet Spaceships; for various RL reasons I have a sufficiency of disposable income to expend on my preferred means of entertainment. So why’d I go and buy a ship I hate? And let’s be clear, it’s both hideous and ponderous; two traits I despise.

It’s big, and it’s jump-capable.

When I flew, briefly, with the Praxis Initiative, I joined as a specialist in a ship they didn’t want undocked. Ever. Basically that left me screwed. I’d come out to nullsec with a ship that was never supposed to see combat, and all they wanted was front-line combat pilots. And while I’m obviously blockade-runner capable, there’s only so much space available in a Crane. In order to be able to bring front-line combat ships to a new corps’ base of operations, I’d need to be self-mobile in something able to haul a spare battleship hull. More importantly, I feel it’s necessary to be able to evac oneself from Nullsec on short notice without having to rely on others.
The Rhea gives me this capability. I’m still finalizing a load list while I contemplate the horrors of the Recruitment channel; but it’s certainly looking like I’ll be able to take along quite a selection of ships. Two Widows (don’t fly what you can’t re-ship), a couple of Scorpions for subcap combat ops; some drakes for ratting, more than a dozen frigates of various types for roaming, planetary command centers and a blockade runner for hauling stuff around.

In addition, adding a new toy to my lineup: Next weekend I’ll be able to fly the most hated ship in Eve. The Falcon. It’s been sort of bugging me that I don’t have one (or three), so I’m amending that oversight in my skill training. Following that, it’s probably a duck back down to polish off Destroyers 5 before returning to the ponderous list I’ve got in EveMon that is “All Widow-relevant skills 5”