A week-long shakedown cruise now lay in my wake; every system save two had been tested rigorously, and only one had failed to meet design specs. The yard dogs back at Jita 4-4 were more than eager to assist my service drones in correcting the fault, a glitch in the interface between the portside secondary thruster #3 plenum magshielding and the cloaking system. Once I pointed out that a battleship with a bad thruster array was still faster than the civilian insystem transports they’d be using to go planetside on their next downcycle, the foreman even offered to do the job pro bono. Much to the relief of the other residents of the hab block that found a cranky battleship with an active targeting array floating outside their viewports.
And of course there were other issues. O-ring seals in the jacuzzi in my #17 Passenger Suite failed after three hours at death pressure, outgassing 0.026% of my hydrogen hydroxide reserves before a redundant seal kicked in. Substandard superconductor in the starboard dorsal kinestetic neural net failed to, well, superconduct; with results that would have been spectacular if there’d been any atmosphere to support combustion, and left me with 46 square meters of ‘numb’-feeling hullplate. But in testing against minor targets; the frigate-flying pirates that even Concord doesn’t bother to hunt down within Empire space,the primary systems: navigation, sensors, shielding, insystem sublight and warp drives, communications & drone control, missiles and ecm were all working within my tolerances. Even if some tweaking was in order.
The only systems that remained untested were the wormhole generator and sustainer equipment that was the core of my Widow’s designed role. Coequally a ‘jump drive’ and ‘jump portal generator’ respectively, the two systems were designed to work in sync to permit me to tear asunder the very fabric of reality, bringing two disparate points in spacetime into conjunction. Optimized for low bleedthrough effects, the portal would only be transitable by ships already equipped for gravimetric shielding; basically anything designed to take a cloak. But to test it, I’d need a Cyno pilot I can trust to bridge to.