On the heels of my last post, complete with a quote cribbed from Serenity; comes this gem from Rixx Javix of Evoganda

So you ECM pilots won’t see a dime, same goes for anyone that does zero damage. This is my way to try and discourage the use of those ships, I’d like a clean fair fight if possible.

Now this is his contest, he can set whatever rules he wishes to, and anyone who doesn’t wish to abide by those rules is free to ignore it, as I intend to. (Or they could deliberately interfere with the event to make it impossible to complete. This is, after all, Eve we’re talking about)
No, what’s got my keyboard ablaze is the last line. A ‘fair fight’. The implication being that ECM-packing ships are not fair. I won’t say that’s wrong; beating up a blind person isn’t fair. Beating up on a person who’s chosen to let you put the blindfold on them? Ahh, now that’s different.
Eve has countermeasures for target jamming; from the brilliantly obvious Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) and less blatant Sensor Backup Arrays; to more subtle approaches, like not flying Minmatar. Caldari and Gallente ships have higher sensor strengths than duct-taped rustbuckets. Part of the million-attribute balancing act between the four races is that Minmatar ships have an impressive alphastrike capability and speed, but lack in sensor strength. Like the fighter who permits his opponent to blindfold them, by not preparing yourself against ECM, you’re asking to be blinded.
Yes, it’s impossible to fit a ship for every eventuality; but that’s just life. I’d love to have a Widow that could fit a full suite of ECM and still have room for a massive shield tank; but compromises have to be made. You pay your money and you take your chances.
“Fair” fights in Eve are the combat equivalent of professional wrestling. It might look like two guys going all out to club each other to death with their bare hands, it might even be entertaining, but it’s not combat. It’s full-contact choreographed dance.