Mind the dust, we’re still moving in.

So then, welcome to The Widow’s Web, an in-character focused blog centered around the misadventures, stupid mistakes, and probable repeated crushing defeats of an Eve Online player with just enough experience to be dangerous… to herself.

So, what’s this all about then?

Eve Online is an MMORPG with loose morals, gleefully hands-off developers, and a playerbase composed entirely of obsessive-compulsive spreadsheet-fixated sci-fi geeks.  If you found this little corner of the intertubes, you doubtlessly have strong enough search-fu to find out more on your own.

Who am I?

I play under the name Kiva Cerebus, a Caldari black-ops Battleship pilot.  I love the Scorpion hull design, I love the Widow colorscheme, and I’m something of a coward; so it seemed the perfect choice.

What can you expect from this blog?

I’m conceited enough to think that my (mis)adventures in New Eden are interesting enough to be worth publishing; and enough of a nerd to think that doing so in the form of an in-character, firstperson accounting is an interesting enough format.  Though with my track record, expect a lot of “…And then I died.”

So there it is, one noob, one staggeringly expensive ship, and a whole hostile galaxy to explode in.  Let the carnage begin.